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My Breeders

The pictures that follow are of my breeders - carefully selected from a variety of sources including (but not limited to) Whitewoods, Ryerson, and Seward Breeders. . . Take a look!  Females in the left column, males on the right. 

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Please check back often for updates!


Esmeralda, who gave up a promising ballet career to have babies here at Pony Trail Chinchillas - a BEAUTIFUL dark tan from Seward

Ebonyzer - a FANTASTIC homo ebony from Razberry Chins - he won a 1a at 2006 MCBA Nationals!

Princess Toadstool - an ENCHANTING standard grey from Seward

Cupid - a HANDSOME pure standard from Whitewoods!

Teena - a GORGEOUS pure standard from Whitewoods!

Otis - a BEAUTEOUS beige from Seward

Rune - AKA CJ - an AMAZON of a homo beige purchased from Mystic Mosaics!

Rhiannon - a PHENOMENAL homo ebony from Whitewoods!